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Psoriasis Recommendations:
  • From the case histories we have reviewed, it is our strong opinion that Essential 7  be part of your diet.
  • We also recommend that you do The 8 Day Cleanse every year.
  • We recommend Clean-Zymes  be a daily part of your diet each time you have a meal.
  • Finally, we recommend Collastin for a period of three months to help calm your immune system.

When money is a limiting factor we recommend them in the order shown above.

Psoriasis is an auto-immune skin disease that comes in different forms and in different levels of severity.  It is commonly found on the knees, elbows, scalp, hands, and feet or lower back.
      - It is not contagious.

What does it look like?
The immune-system is over active in a way that causes inflammation.  In certain kinds of psoriasis, it also has a pimple-ish pustular or burned erythrodermic appearance. Psoriasis also causes intense itching and burning.

What causes it?
Some people carry genes that make them more likely to develop psoriasis, and a trigger makes the psoriasis flare up in those who have these genes.  Possible triggers include:

Injury – Psoriasis localizes around the site of physical, chemical, electrical, infectious and inflammatory injury as it heals.

Stress – Emotional and physical stress may give rise to psoriasis and are hard to avoid.

Medication – Several meds can precipitate or aggravate psoriasis such as Lithium -an antidepressant, Beta blockers -used to treat high blood pressure, and anti-malarials.

Infection – Infections may cause some kinds of psoriasis. Sometimes, treatment of the infection may result in the clearing or improvement of the psoriasis.

Is there a CURE?
To date there is no perfect cure for psoriasis, but near complete control of the disease is possible for most people with regular use of Nutrients that can calm the auto-immune reactions to the triggers and decreases the inflammation at the sores.

Some people, after regular consumption of whole food nutrients, have a single episode of psoriasis that clears within  a few weeks and then never returns. Then there are psoriasis forms that run an intermittent course with periods of marked
improvement and even complete clearance.

Psoriasis, & Other Related Skin Disorders...

Psoriasis is characterized by eruptions or inflammations of the skin in a poor cellular replication cycle.  Most people think of psoriasis as something to be suppressed, in our understanding it is an indication that something is out of balance, not something that should be suppressed.  Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease and it’s risk factors are all auto-immune related:

Is Psoriasis Hereditary?

  • Parents with psoriasis - if a parent has psoriasis, the risk is 10 to 25 percent for a child, if both parents have psoriasis, the risk is about 50 percent.

  • Triggering Factors: Stress, Drug Reactions, Infection, Injury to the skin, climate change.

It is possible to control or reverse psoriasis through autoimmune rectifying nutrition.  Note - current medical interventions are focused on suppressing symptoms, not removing the underlying cause of this disorder.

Clues regarding the underlying causes are found in correlation studies. Psoriasis and other skin disorders have been correlated by researchers to:

  1. Environmental or metabolic/stress-toxins (including free radicals, micro-organisms, etc.)

  2. Mineral deficiencies

  3. Heavy metal toxicity causing a replacement of the natural minerals within skin tissues

The above factors (according to alternative health practitioner theories) create molecules that the immune system attacks as if they were invaders. This self-attack eventually produces the auto-immune attack and skin disruption called psoriasis.

Successful alternative therapy cases involving psoriasis reversal have relied on nutrition, detoxification and immune system calming. Choosing to focus on symptoms or to focus on the root causes (or both)— is up to each individual to decide after discussion with their health professionals.

We believe that cleansing the body of toxins, calming the immune system attack against the skin and providing restorative nutrition are the keys. We further believe that we have discovered the absolute best methods of cleansing the body, calming the immune system and repairing damaged cells.

Just a bit more regarding our point of view:

  1. The greatest healing whole-food we are aware of for people with immune system skin disorders is Essential 7.  This concentrated food is a vital step for those who suffer with Psoriasis.  It heals and detoxifies. Successful healing is largely due to the natural Gamma Oryzanol, a healing nutrient , and the high volume of antioxidants,  101+, including all of the wholefood natural B Vitamins, Omega oils and many, many, more nutrients.

  2. Whole Body Cleanses have a tremendous history of success. The best all around cleansing kit we know is The 8 Day Cleanse.  This cleanse accomplishes more in 8 days than any food fast when it comes  clearing the body of invading foreign compounds.

  3. Mineral substitution - Restoring essential nutrients and increasing your reserves of minerals, according to many alternative health professional theories, is an important step in controlling this condition. We recommend Kona Minerals because it is free of all heavy metals and assimilates rapidly. Kona Minerals are also included in Essential 7.

  4. Good digestion and elimination is essential since without it the body will create and build up organic toxins.  This is most commonly true of imperfectly digested dairy proteins. It is vital to ensure the body hosts predominantly good bacteria and has a great source enzymes. Clean-Zymes is the best supplement for this.

  5. Reversing Psoriasis requires the auto-immune system to retreat its attack on skin cells.  The best product for this is Collastin. Collastin has about an eighty six percent success rate at calming ones immune system.

Once Again Our Recommendations: FOR Calming the bodies own attack; PSORIASIS, ECZEMA AND OTHER SKIN DISORDERS:

  • Essential 7 (contains both RiSoTriene & Kona Minerals)

  • Once a year The 8 Day Cleanse

  • Clean-Zymes (with each meal)

  • Collastin (for three months minimum)


Melony H, I suffered from Psoriasis for 35 years. I would wear long sleeves and long pants to hide the ugly patches, which would break open and stain my clothes. No amount of medications or sun-tanning would stop my melony_crop02psoriasis for all these years. 18  months ago, my husband influenced me to start taking RiSoTriene (Essential 7). I've taken RiSoTriene and the Essential 7 that incorporates RiSoTriene for the past 18 months and have done 2 Cleanses. About 6 months of RiSoTriene and one Cleanse later the Psoriasis disappeared. I've been free of the awful Psoriasis for twenty four  months.  I will never stop taking Essential 7 because I love my new healthy skin.

Mayo O, "Let me express my thankfulness for my latest delivery of products. I received them this morning via FedEx. I'm a sixty one yearold female that has been plagued with Skin Psoriasis most of my life. Many various doctors have prescribed a lot of expensive creams but they have had little to to no affect. RiSoTriene (Essential 7) and Collastin have given me amazing  results.  They have helped reduce the redness and have stopped the itchiness. Your products have taken away the ugly raw look my hands always had. And there has been no more skin splitting and bleeding around the nails. With daily use of your products my hands look and feel wonderful.  Thank You, Thank You".

Ruth M, "I have had a chronic problem with my skin, my hands, that has been treated by many doctors and specialists with no success. I may have tried every ointment and every technique available. About 2 weeks after using Essential 7 the severe itching stopped and wow my skin is now like velvet. I believe that I am much stronger now too, it is wonderful! It all helped so fast."

Joanie M,Leg pain was my life. That is, I used to have leg pain, fatigue, and psoriasis. I was unable to digest foods properly for some reason. The 8 Day Cleanse has improved my digestion, helped clear up my psoriasis, and also stopped most of my sugar cravings. I had the metal fillings removed which has improved my concentration and I think my memory. HA! HA! Being able to absorb minerals and nutrients has eliminated my leg pain and fatigue. Now I get my energy from Essential 7 and life!

John A,My fifteen year old son has had a bit of the normal teenage skin problems. Breakouts combined with areas of ugly dry skin. I gave him Collastin and in less than 2 weeks he noticed a real  improvement. The breakouts and dry skin area were gone. Once I ran out of the Collastin, he begged and begged me to get more. It only took a few weeks without it for his face to start breaking-out again. He's back on Collastin and looks and feels great!"

Sonya K, “My thirteen year old son was born with a rare incurable illness called KT Syndrome. He has had two amputations on his feet and has lesions that burst through the skin. Not only do they bleed very bad but they multiply and spread taking over the good skin. Every four to six months he would have laser surgery to try and stop the bleeding and sores. This has lasted off and on for 6 years at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The doctors told him that when was sick of having surgery they would take his foot.

My poor son! I hoped that I could find something that would help him even just a little.  I made him take RiSoTriene wanting he to stay healthier through the winter. If we had to amputate, maybe he would recover quickly. I NEVER would have believed it. The lesions on his feet not only stopped bleeding, the sores went away.

He is now healthier and energy like never before. The skin is healthier and NO SURGERY. I am not saying this is a cure but help it has given to my son Dexter makes me cry because I found hope for my son and those like him. Results cannot be denied, RiSoTriene (Essential 7) has helped my son!

Wynn H, “I am a forty eight year old male who has had reddish purple sores and ugly skin patches on my back and shoulders. No treatment would get rid of them. Within only one month of consuming RiSoTriene the reddishness was gone and I am amazed."

Mark Drucker, M.D. Director of the Advanced Center ofDr. Mark Drucker - Director for Advanced Center for Medicine Medicine, Encinitas, CA, "If there is an essential fatty acid deficiency and the body can not carry out even basic functions, minerals and other nutrients can cross the cellular membranes. If people are not ingesting the right kinds of fats like Omegas 3, 6, and 9. Essential 7 with RiSoTriene provides these essential fats, nutrients, and minerals."    

Dr. David Nelson, of the Advanced Center of Medicine & CO-Host of, Health Talk, A SecondDavid Nelson - testifies about benefits ofRiSoTriene for Diabetic Patients Opinion,  "At the Center for Advanced Medicine, we have recommended Essential 7 with RiSoTriene to almost every patient we see because it is great therapy for a number of illnesses, and immune conditions like psoriases, lupus, chronic fatigue and multiple sclerosis"



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