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 Nutritional and other Natural Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease:
  1. Detoxify the body through The 8 Day Cleanse

  2. Participating in exercise routines that that move and use the upper body and neck.

  3. Endeavoring to sleep more soundly and regularly (better mattress, pillow, and support)

  4. Increasing nutrition, and specifically anti-oxidant levels in the body (nothing does this better than Essential 7)

  5. Preventing free radicals and creating  a clean digestion system within the body by eating healthy foods with live Enzymes. Clean-Zymes is an excellent supplement for this.

  6. Correcting structural damage to nerves. (chiropractic or osteopathic intervention)

Specific recommendations regarding the above:

  • We cannot recommend highly enough The The 8 Day Cleanse to detoxify the body.


  • We also recommend daily use of Clean-Zymes with cooked meals to prevent toxic build-up.


  • Sleepping is best assured by having a balanced life, committing to normal patterns of eating, working, sleeping and recreating, along with a whole-food nutrition supplement like Essential 7.


  • Increasing intake of antioxidants, glutathione (antioxidant recycler), fatty acids, and CoQ10 is easily done with:

    • high density fish oil (at your local health food store)

    • fresh fruits & vegetables

    • CoQ10 rich foods - very rich in the Essential 7

    • small molecule whey protein also rich in the Essential 7

                   (Essential 7 contains all of the above)

  • Chiropractors and  osteopaths that are capable of not only side to side corrections of skeletal structures (to eliminate pressures on nerves), but also forward and back and rotational alignment, especially of the head, are the kinds of Doctors you want to see.  If a Doctor  needs more than a few sessions to put your head on straight he doesn’t have the kind of training you need.


Many cases histories from the Advanced Center of Medicine in Encinitas, CA, indicates that Parkinson’s Sufferers have benefited from such practices in the following ways:


The 8 Day Cleanse is the best Digestive and Organ correction Tune-Up!

For in-depth information, please go to the separate section The 8 Day Cleanse - the Digestive and Bodily Organ System cleanse.  Un-clean digestive organs produce thousands of partially digested proteins that over time becomes sludge in your intestines, preventing nutrition from being absorbed and use properly, and/or providing breeding grounds for micro-organisms that release free radical toxins. Doing the The 8 Day Cleanse tunes-up your Body, eliminates the sludge, microorganisms, and  many toxic parasites.

Clean-Zymes - for a cleaning Boost Preventing the Sludge.

Clean-Zymes helps to prevent disease by better food digestion and nutrition delivery. Poorly digested food often resembles foreign objects that can trigger immune system attacks. They also cause essential pathways to become partly  if not completely blocked.  Clean-Zymes delivers three different Ph-level enzymes that clean the digestion-system, the cardiovascular-system, Kidneys, Liver, and the Lymph systems. When the whole body is clean all the organs work better.

Essential 7Foods that Heal Damaged Cells!

spoonful of risotriene Consuming powdered Essential 7 helps Parkinson’s Disease sufferers obtain all the B-Vitamins, healing nutrients and amino acids needed to aid in cellular repair. Essential 7 is almost always a 100%assimilated, yes even by those with impaired digestion.

One of the vital components of Essential 7 is Gamma Oryzanol. Others are Inositol and Lipoic Acid. These naturally only occurring nutrients are extremely healing to tissues damaged by free radicals.

Essential 7 contains all of the natural B-Vitamins that assist the Immune System and boost the Endocrine System. It also contains amino acids like Tryptophan a precursor to serotonin and melatonin, which combats depression and enables normal sleeping patterns.  By adding Essential 7 to your daily regimen, over a period of a few months to a few years, many sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease have been able to stop the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

To hear an amazing RiSoTriene story (the main ingredient of Essential 7), click here.  To have a free audio CD mailed to you about this awesome food click here.


Essential 7 = RiSoTriene, Kona Minerals, and Five Other Types of Concentrated Super-Foods All In One!

The Ultimate Cellular & Longevity Food

Essential 7
contains a full daily serving of RiSoTriene  and Kona Minerals, plus ten flash-glanced veggies, small protein, fiber, probiotics and 3 different digestive enzymes for immune system enhancement.  Two to three scoops a day are recommended for those with degenerative disease.


Parkinson’s Disease...parkinsons_2

is a progressive degenerative disorder of the central nervous syndrome. The physical symptoms are:

  1. Rigidity

  2. Tremor

  3. Slowness in movement

  4. Imbalance 

Parkinson’s is scientifically related  to a degeneration of the prefrontal cortex and eventually to cells that generate dopamine - substantia nigra - and other areas of the brain that control movement (area shown above).  The shortage of dopamine disturbs the balance of dopamine and other transmitters that signal between the substantia nigra and the next relay area of the brain, - the corpus striatum, that needed to produce smooth muscle activity. The lack of dopamine causes the nerves of the striatum to signal out of control, leaving sufferers unable to direct and/or control their movements.


What is the cause of Parkinson’s?

Scientist do not YET agree on the cause.

A good question to ask is so what patterns can be found with Parkinson’s Disease patients?

In Parkinson’s Disease sufferers, it is observed that:

  1. Those who have had exposure to toxins often get Parkinson’s

  2. Lots of Exercise will slow the progression of Parkinson's

  3. Sufficient Rapid Eye Movement sleep slows the progression

  4. and High Levels of Anti-oxidants, Omega 3s, CoQ10, and other Enzymes helps to slow the progression of the Parkinson's disease.

A very Popular held viewpoint of alternative health practitioners is that free radicals and heavy metals, solvent chemicals and other toxic molecules, may cause the dysfunction of brain cells, thereby leading to Parkinson's disease.

Another alternative theory is that structural miss-alignments - caused by accidents, poor posture, etc in the upper back and neck can lead to decreased energy and nutrient flow to the lower brain cells raising free-radical damage that area cells.



Parkinson’s Disease Testimonials


I went to the Dr. one year ago and was diagnosed with Parkinson's. I was having tremors and I would stumble and trip over my feet. At the citizen center, I had to lean on the furniture to steady myself.

A friend told me about Essential 7  and shared that it had helped her so much with all of her health problems. When she told me what a difference it had made in her life, I wanted  to give it a try.

In only 11 days of taking Essential 7, I walked into the kitchen without a single bobble. I should have fallen to my knees right then, but I didn't have enough faith to think I could get up again. Essential 7 has helped me so very much, I now have only an occasional tremor, and can walk anywhere I want. Thank God and may forgive me.” -Rachel F  

I've noticed that many of us Parkinson's patients suffer from serious rigidity. 1-1/2 years ago I began taking Essential 7. I ate 1 scoop full per day for ten days.  I started to noticed that my rigidity was almost gone. And I noticed that my common internal tremor that felt like a panic attack was also gone. This is a stabilized whole-rice-bran concentrated supplement that contains all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids I needed. I hope you find lots of others who can benefit from it. God bless.” -Michael O

J. Arambula says,For the last 14 years, my mother, who is 86 years old, had been injecting insulin for diabetes and had taken up to seven types of pills and capsules for high blood pressure, excess water in her system, weak heart, cardiovascular problems, headaches, body pains, frequent urinary tract infections, and  Parkinson's disease. She spent numerous weeks in the hospital during that time; and the doctors had uncovered many types of viruses that had affected her health. During her last stay in the hospital, my mother ended up with a tube through her nose to her stomach because she was very weak from not eating. Finally, toward the end of the 30 days, her doctor told me that my mother's system was shutting down. Not even the potassium through the IV's was doing any good. Since she previously advised me that she did not want any life support, the doctor told me I could put her in a nursing home or take her home to die. She wanted to go home and die. When I took her home, the doctor did not want the catheter removed because she was unable to urinate on her own.

To make the story short, I got Mom on Essential 7 as soon as I got it and within a week, the catheter was removed and she was off all medication except for her nitroglycerin patch, which the doctor wants her to continue using. Her blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse rate remain normal to this date. She is very alert and is in excellent spirits and full of life. She no longer wears diapers, has normal bowel movements, no problem urinating, and has regained her walking abilities with her walker. She still has a little trembling in her hands due to the  Parkinson's, but she is 90% better. She gets outside to water her plants and has even gone grocery shopping. Her doctor was amazed when he saw her. Mom jokes with people who come to see her (they had seen her before). She tells them that she suffered from so many problems for over 18 years and went from death to life, thanks to her son and thanks to God and Essential 7 who are all responsible for the miraculous recovery."

Dr. Mark Drucker, M.D. and Director for the Advanced Center for MedicineDr. Mark Drucker - Director for Advanced Center for Medicine (Encinitas, CA) "As a family M.D. and the medical director of the Center of Advanced Medicine, I'm in a great position to help patients with what really works.

Most Medical Dr's still practice with the goal of stopping or suppressing symptoms, I have tried to take a better holistic approach. Hypocrites, the father of all medicine, said, "Food shall be your medicine."

At the Center for Advanced Medicine, we use Whole food nutritional products to restore the bio-chemical balance the body requires, and we draw on the expertise of different specialists: MD's, DO's,  Chiropractors, DDS and other therapists, to help people get better.

For a long time we used different combinations of vitamins and minerals, most of which had been synthesized in a lab.

What we wanted and needed to find was a natural food product that could achieve the same or better results for patients.
Essential 7 is our answer.

At the medical center,
we 1st detoxify our patients (The 8 Day Cleanse), because most illnesses are from the impacts of accumulated toxins and the  lack of Vital  Nutrients. Then  we replenish the body with the Essential 7 nutrients, allowing it to rebuild and restore.

When we started using
Essential 7 in our treatments, we discovered that most people had more energy because of use of this product during detoxification.

Patients drinking
Essential 7 make fast and steady progress - we do not see the plateaus patients often encounter in other programs. And there are much fewer allergic reactions, -it's a natural wholefood with no additives.

It's almost impossible to find these same results from pills & tablets because they have so many added chemicals and fillers.

Essential 7 has provided relief for our patients with fatigue syndrome. Many had been sick and in great  pain for yrs - and too ill to work or even climb out of bed. They came to see us here, we helped them make dramatic turnarounds often in a bout 3 months. Now they have more energy and less pain.

Essential 7 contains natural concentrated nutrients that work together to solve the nutritional puzzles of patients with both severe and moderate health problems.

It is a matter of getting to the basic foundation of health. I'm only now beginning to realize
Essential 7's full importance to a persons health."

"Essential 7 betters my patients' health condition because it is a whole food that contains a symphony of nutrients. Together these nutrients can do way more than any single nutrient can." "As smart as we are, we can not recreate in a pill what God gave to us naturally.” 


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