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The Arthritis, Auto-Immune, Anti-Aging breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

 The highly respected product formulator of Collastin and Collastin Support, Dr. Chuck Cochran, was recently asked why these products are so effective, 

These two formulas work synergistically to address auto-immune challenges or other inflammatory conditions that afflict tens of millions of Americans.  Collastin and Collastin Support contain three vital ingredient groups that help fight these ailments: Collastin™, Enzyrest™, and Glucosamine hydrochloride

 When bacteria or microbes are attacking the body our immune cells discharge photolytic enzymes to fight against the infection. With an auto-immune disorder the immune cells go to the injured area and release these chemicals that begin attacking our healthy tissue, thus causing pain and inflammation.

 The ingredients in Collastin and Collastin Support each plays a key role in helping to stop this process and restore health: 

  • Collastin works to stop the destructive process from occurring in the body.
  • Enzyrest helps bring the swelling down.
  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride assists in rebuilding the damaged joint tissue.

Product Process

  Collastin contains the highest levels of cetyl myristoleate (as well as other fatty acid esters and omega 3 oils) which has a positive effect on how the immune cells communicate with one another.  The lasting result being that they stop their damaging attack on the body’s healthy tissue. 

 Inflammation: Enzyrest is a proprietary blend of natural anti-inflammatory herbs such as Turmeric, Frankincense and Rosemary.  Studies also show that these ingredients in Enzyrest have powerful cardiovascular benefits and anti-cancer qualities.

 Body’s Rebuilding Process: Glucosamine is utilized by the body to repair many of its connective tissues.  Studies that utilize “radio active tagging” show that Glucosamine actually goes directly to the joints.  Unlike Chondroitin Sulfate, it has a very small molecular weight and is easily absorbed.  Your body actually uses Glucosamine to create chondroitin sulfate..

Like WD40 for the body.
What Collastin and Collastin Support do:

  • Act as a lubricant to joints and tissues
  • Modulate immune system function
  • Help repair and rebuild cartilage
  • Continuously hydrate the skin
  • Increase the collagen level in the skin

Why take Collastin and Collastin Support:
 When taken together these two products are remarkably effective against arthritis for three basic reasons.

First, they function as a super lubricant for the joints, as well as arteries, muscles, tendons and other body tissues.
Secondly, they function as an immune system modulator and possible stimulator. And lastly, they mediate inflammatory processes.

When taking Collastin and Collastin Support:

Collastin is one of those products where the body’s tissues must reach a “loading dosage” before the product is effective at reducing stiffness. It can take up to 70 days to reach this loading threshold for some people (depends on body size and liver function) at the suggested rate of 4 capsules per day.

These products come with a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days if ordered in single bottles; or if you order the three month pack below, you will get a 100 day satisfaction guarantee. Because of the 70 day loading period... we recommend planning on three months of using Collastin and Collastin Support. If you are not satisfied with your results, you may return to us the empty bottles and request a refund of the product (minus shipping)... therefore in the U.S. you can try the product for 100 days with absolutely no risk.

Knee Injury
" I suffered from a knee injury in high school that led to surgery and 20 years later arthritis. I was unable to bend my knee completely back anymore or even kneel on that knee to get into bed without severe pain. I also had arthritis pain in my right hand index finger knuckle from many years of keyboard work as a programmer analyst. Playing with my four year old had become a challenge since I would go out of my way to not get down on the floor. When I went snow skiing I would experience pain and my knee would swell up. I have even had physical therapy to try to improve the condition of my knee. I began using Collastin with Collastin and about four weeks later was able to completely bend my knee back with no pain and swelling. I can kneel on my knee even on the floor with no pain. After 6 weeks the pain in my hand has completely disappeared. This product really works and has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I wouldn't be without it and highly recommend it to everyone."
Auddie Fausett - San Diego, CA

"I'm 50 years. I've had seven surgeries on my knee as a result of a compound fracture of my femur when I was eighteen. I was in traction three months, all cartilage was removed and my kneecap was shaved. I subsequently tore my anterior crucial ligament in 1982. It was reattached with staples to the bone. Doctors wanted to do a knee replacement. I started taking Collastin and in five days the pain was gone and in ten days no more stiffness. I can now bicycle and play racquetball!"
Ron Wardell - No. Carolina


"I slipped and fell in 1991. I have had tremendous pain in my neck and right shoulder. Three months ago my left shoulder started hurting. I couldn't sleep or comp my hair. The doctors wanted to operate. I started taking Collastin and in three weeks my pain has completely gone and I don't have to take pain killers any more!"
John Haag - Ocanto, WI

"I'm 45 and have had prostatitis for over 3 years and arthritis in my hips. On rainy days I couldn't take more than 5 steps. I started taking Collastin (w/Collastin) and in 3 days the pain was gone. In 2 weeks my prostatitis was gone. I have no symptoms at all and I've got new strength and energy I haven't had in years".
Scott Morris - Chicago, IL

"I had a bad knee. Doctors wanted to perform surgery. In less than 30 days there is no Pain and no swelling"
Ralph Braden - Plano, TX

"I have a degenerative disease in my back and couldn't bend my knee. I had to climb stairs one at a time sideways. I started on the product on July 24, 1997. In just 3 weeks I have no pain, no stiffness and no headaches. I'm thrilled!"
Fern Livingston - Troy, TN

Lower Back
I have had lower back trouble for years and tennis elbow. Within one week the pain was gone. I can't believe the results."
Dora Battenberg - Lebanon, OR


I have had many back problems over the years, but in the last few years it has become nearly impossible for me to walk. The doctors have been wanting to surgically fuse my spine. I decided to try the
Collastin product and after 3 weeks my pain is gone and I am walking normally.
E. P. South Africa

Shaking Hands
"We received our
Collastin products Friday morning and of course started them immediately. My husband is 81 and has a knee that flares up once in a while (it is no wonder, he roller blades and still goes surfing), he also has one hand that shakes a lot. I went out to my daughters early Saturday morning and when I returned at noon my husband could not wait to tell me his great news!! He said his hand was 90% cured of the shaking and his knee (as he swirled it around) was much more flexible---what was that word, UNBELIEVABLE, he said he attributes it to the Collastin...I mean ONE day on this magical stuff has really sold us. I have a back problem and I am waiting to see some results from this also."
L. D.---Florida



Pain relief in both of my knees was the first benefit I received from taking the Collastin Starter Pak. I had taken other Glucosamine products for 5 years so I noticed a significant difference in the reduction of pain within the first few weeks of taking Collastin. I had not experienced a pain free day with the other products. After I'd been on the Collastin for two months I noticed the pain in my lower back and both ankles was almost gone. When I reached the four-month point I was completely free of lower back, ankle and knee pain.

My right knee has had eight scope surgeries and one open knee surgery as well as a "high tibial osteotomy". That=B9s the surgery where they cut the tibia below the knee and reattach it 5% different. Wow, I can't believe I did that! My left knee has had seven scope surgeries and one open knee surgery. I was a candidate for knee replacement prior to using the Collastin products and that surgery is not needed now.

My job has me out in the sun with somewhat weathered face. I noticed my face skin was much softer after about three months. The small lines around my eyes and mouth continue to be less visible. My knees no longer "creak" when I walk and I have increased range of motion. Saturday morning hikes and Sunday morning bicycle rides are back in my life. Last month I was 54 and at this rate I expect to be 53 next year. I am much more mobile and that makes me feel younger, The Collastin products help me feel younger and that also makes me look younger. Thank you Dr. Cochran.”
Michael Batori La Jolla, California

Arthritis in Dog-
“I have a wonderful heart warming testimonial from some friends of mine for the
Collastin. Two of my friends were talking sadly one day of having to put their beloved dog, 2E to sleep. She was no longer able to get up from her bed because arthritis had make it so painful for her to walk. The veterinarian had her on Rymidel but it was not helping her any longer.  I suggested that they try the Collastin and Collastin Support and within two weeks 2E was able to walk again, within three weeks she was roaming outside, sitting in the grass and having her customary chat with the birds and other wildlife. Following is the note they wrote to thank me for introducing them to the products.

Dear Amber, Just wanted to let you know how much better 2E is doing. As you know we had to take her off Rymidel due to the damage it was doing to her liver. We are so grateful for your product with the
Collastin, the latest lab test shows her liver function is back to normal and she continues to improve.”
Amber Archangel La Jolla, California

My name is Allan Kruest and I am 67 years old and live in Las Vegas NV. Up until the first of this year I didn't have any pains in my joints to speak of. Then things changed to the point of when I would kneel down I had to get a hold of something to get up and I was getting pains in my knees and back ,at times, if I twisted the wrong way.

I am what is known as a herb and vitamin (fanatic) and have always taken a well balanced supplement program but I realized that something was missing. Lo and behold ,along came the information on its benefits.

I called Janice in Texas and picked her brain on the product. I must admit I had reservations as I had been taking a good brand of GLUCOSAMINE AND CHRONDROITIN SULFATE but still was progressing towards joint problems. This formula was supposed to alleviate any symptoms of Arthritis and here I was with it........So I decided to try the Collastin as it had a return policy if it didn't work.

Got the product and followed directions on the basic product to load up my system and then went on the maintenance ,with at first 2 caps a day and after a week or so I was feeling so good I went down to 1 cap a day... From start to this period was a little over a month or month and a half and some where in that time all the aches and pains went away as if by Magic and have never returned. I can do squats one after another and have no trouble at all. I must admit that I'll forget for a day or two to take the cap and the old body will give me a twinge to jog my memory.

Janice I don't know if this is typical or not but I know I'll always have
Collastin near and use it till I check out of this life. If this letter will be of use to you and others ..Please use it with my best regards.”

Back Pain
"30 years ago, I had surgery for ruptured disks. Since that time, I have lived with nearly constant pain from the arthritis that developed around my disks following the surgery. Everyday tasks such as driving, walking, sitting or even standing were agonizing. I could not even get out of bed in the morning without help.

I operate a medical rehab clinic and have many patients in as much or more physical pain than I experienced myself. When I heard about
Collastin it sounded too good to be true. What a godsend for me and my patients!

Before putting any of my patients on it, I decided to put it to the test and began taking it myself.

One day my wife noticed that I was getting out of bed without any help for the first time in our married life. I realized that the pain had lessened significantly! I decided to recommend
Collastin to some of my patients. They began having the same terrific results. I can drive, walk, sit and stand pain free for the first time in 30 years."
Joe Hymer, M.D. - Castroville, TX

"While skiing in 1988 I fell and damaged my wrist badly. As a result the cartilage wore out. It was difficult to give adjustments to my patients. I took everything with minimal results. I used to bench press 235 lbs., but after the accident I couldn't lift at all. The doctor wanted to operate. After just one week on
Collastin I had almost no pain. After 6 weeks, I have full range of motion and I can now bench press 185 lbs".
Dr. Jolyn English, Chiropractor
San Antonio, TX

"Over three years ago I was bodybuilding and tore my shoulder. I took cortisone, went to physical therapy and visited several doctors. I was still always in pain. After 3 weeks on the
Collastin the pain was gone. I can now work out again and bench press. This is an amazing product".
Martin Pool Jr.-Utah

To fight arthritis & auto-immune response use our immune system supplement Collastin.

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